Exhibition organizing

We undertake to organize exhibitions and fairs anywhere in Hungary and abroad. These can be regional and also national. In accordance with Costumer??s wishes we undertake to arrange the organizing beginning with the advertisement up to the supplementary post-works.

Persecutor Stand When organizing an exhibition, it is important to take into consideration the product- and communicational purposes, as well as the informative- and research objectives.

The product and services must be made acquainted and popularized with individual, unique and complex system of means. If a company appears in an exhibition, its reputation will be growing in all likelihood. Besides this, the exhibition is one of the best means to follow the development of the competitors, in addition we can acquire new markets and new partners.

However all this can come into existence only if the participation in the exhibition is smooth for the company. For this important preliminary steps are necessary to be taken, but mostly precise exhibition organizing is needed. We lend You a helping hand in this field.

Exhibition organizing HUNGARODENT is a currently running exhibition organized by us; we carry out it for many years upon the request of the Association of Dental Traders and Manufacturers (FoKEsz), and with the support of the Dental Branch of the Hungarian Medical Chamber as it provides professional supervision.