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XII th HUNGAODENT Exhibition

XII th HUNGAODENT Exhibition

We gladly inform you that the HUNGARODENT dental trade exhibition, that is successful for many years ...


Tipps and Tricks

Good preparation is always one of the most important guarantees of the success of an exhibition or event. For the smooth working process between Principal and Constructor, and for the optimal development of the possibilities the attention must be paid to some things.

  1. Making the decision in time - "good work needs time" says the saying, and not baselessly. If the professional governing principles are assembled in Principal’s mind, and knows what it wants, it should disclose this to Constructor as soon as possible, in order to give enough time to work out the creative details, to have sufficient time for the proper discussions, and to finalize the plans.
  2. It is relevant to this point that Principal should develop its own professional idea the most precisely, in order to avoid the unnecessary wandering about.
  3. If the expectations and ideas are set up, we discuss those in detail during a personal negotiation, when the following may be a great help:
    • A sketch about the ideas
    • Photograph, homepage, other "spectacular" material of the company and the products to be exhibited
    • Material, idea about the graphics to be represented
    • Perhaps photographs of former realized exhibitions
  4. If they make the above basic materials available for us, from this point it is our task to prepare the best offer to our Principals in accordance with the budget and the territorial conditions.
  5. During the construction it can be useful if Principal visits the construction site 2-3 days before the opening in order to integrate its ideas – if it has more – in the stand under construction in time. In the last hour before the opening this is already very difficult, often impossible to carry out.
  6. If the event is opened already, from that time until closing the same, the area is at the disposal of our Principals.
  7. After the closing it is worth to write down immediately the experiences possibly arisen or obtained during the operation, herewith helping the preparations of the next exhibition, and the development of the more customized stand.