Furniture renting, carpeting, electric installations

In case of building up implementations those essential accessories that increase the comfort- and visual effects, such as the furniture, the carpet and the lighting techniques, shall be taken into consideration.

The furniture is the indispensable component of a stand:

Furniture renting
  • Tables
  • Chairs, bar stools
  • Clothes racks
  • Cupboards
  • Kitchen equipment (sink, refrigerator, shelves)
  • Kitchen utensils (plates, glasses, coffee machine, tea-kettle, tableware)
  • Furniture of individual piece production

In case of carpeting our Costumers may select basically from the attached colour samples, however naturally we also satisfy special individual needs.

We often use other floorings:

  • Laminated floor
  • PVC/linoleum
  • Cold floors

Regarding the setting up of electric installations we lend our existing materials:

  • Cold-mirrored halogens
  • Halogen reflectors
  • Metal-halogens

Besides this we prepare any lighting based on individual wishes.